Journal of Population Problems


Vol.76 No.1 (No.312) March 2020 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:Regional Population Projections for Japan
1-3 Introduction [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro *
4-19 Municipal Birth Projections Consistent with IPSS(2018) Regional Population Projections for Japan 2015-2045[Japanese] KOIKE Shiro,SUGA Keita,KAMATA Kenji, IWASAWA Miho,ISHII Futoshi and YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
20-40 Municipal Death Projections Consistent with IPSS(2018) Regional Population Projections for Japan 2015-2045 [Japanese] SUGA Keita,KOIKE Shiro,KAMATA Kenji, ISHII Futoshi and YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
41-66 An Evaluation of the Accuracy of Regional Population Projections: Investigation on the Spatial Characteristics in the Projection Error Rates using Regression Models [Japanese] KAMATA Kenji,KOIKE Shiro, SUGA Keita and YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
67-79 Analysis of Population Decline Using Stable Population Model and Sensitivity Analysis-Prospects for Theory Construction Considering Migration between Regions- [Japanese] OIZUMI Ryo PDF
Special IssueII:In-depth Analyses of the Results of the Eighth National Survey on Migration(PartIII)
80-97 Will Population Concentration Continue in the Tokyo Area? An Investigation into Birthplace Distribution [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro and SHIMIZU Masato PDF
98-117 Interregional Marriage and Migration[Japanese] SHIMIZU Masato,NAKAGAWA Masataka and KOIKE Shiro PDF
118-135 Simulations of Changes in the Proportion of Metropolitan-Born Population Using Bi-Regional Demographic Models[Japanese] SHIMIZU Masato and KOIKE Shiro PDF
136-138 Population Problems Reported in Japanese Newspapers in 2019 [Japanese] IMAI Hiroyuki *
139-155 Rates of Migration between the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and the Other Areas:by Age,Sex and Prefectures(2014-2018) [Japanese] KISHI Masahiro,MINESHIMA Yasushi and SHIMIZU Masato *
156-171 Population Reproduction Rates for All Japan:2018 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi *
172-177 Standardized Vital Rates by Prefecture:2018 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
178-186 Age-Specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Japanese Females by Prefecture:2018 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
Book Review
186 Hal Caswell,Sensitivity Analysis:Matrix Methods in Demography and Ecology [Japanese] OIZUMI.R *

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