Journal of Population Problems


Vol.75 No.4 (No.311) June 2019 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:Comprehensive Study on Population Aging and Migration in East Asian/ASEAN Countries
283-284 Introduction [Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
285-304 Historical Roots of Contemporary Population Issues in Eastern Asia[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI PDF
305-323 Taiwan UHC Review with Populatio nStatistics including Foreign Residen [Japanese] Katsuhisa KOJIMA PDF
324-344 A Period Fertility Table Analysis:Singapore,1980-2015 [Japanese] Keita SUGA PDF
345-364 The Association between Demand for Caregiving to the Elderly and Migration of Young Adult Household Members in Indonesia:Longitudinal Evidence from the Indonesian Family Life Survey [Japanese] Masataka NAKAGAWA PDF
365-380 International Comparison of the Foreign Care-worker Demography [Japanese] Reiko HAYASHI PDF
Special IssueII:In-depth Analyses of the Results of the Eighth National Survey on Migration(PartII)
381-400 Recent Changes in Return Migration to Prefecture of Birthplace in the Non-metropolitan Region [Japanese] Masataka NAKAGAWA PDF
401-420 Occupational Careers and Internal Migration[Japanese] Yuko TSUKASAKI PDF
421-431 An Examination of the Risk of Becoming Uninhabited at the Small Area Scale: Using Data from the Web System of Small Area Population Projections for the Whole Japan [Japanese] Takashi INOUE and Nozomu INOUE PDF
432-448 Rates of In-Migration,Out-Migration and Net Migration by Age,Sex and Prefecture(Japanese,2014-2018) [Japanese] Masahiro KISHI,Yasushi MINESHIMA and Masato SHIMIZU *
Book Review
449 Dimiter Philipov,Aart C.Liefbroer,and Jane E.Klobas,Reproductive Decision-making in a Macro-microPerspectiv [Japanese] M.IWASAWA *

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