Journal of Population Problems


Vol.76 No.2 (No.313) June 2020 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:The Demographic Trend of Foreign Nationals in Japan(Part1)
197-200 Introduction [Japanese] HAYASHI Reiko PDF
201-217 Fertility Assumption for Non-Japanese Women Synchronizing with Japanese Age-Schedul[Japanese] IWASAWA Miho,YODA Shohei,BEPPU Motomi and KANEKO Ryuichi PDF
218-239 Causes of Death of Foreig nNationals in Japan:In Comparison to Japanese and Nationals at Origin [Japanese] HAYASHI Reiko PDF
Special IssueII:Regional Population Projections for Japan(Part2)
240-264 Demographic Components of Future Population Growth Rates by Prefectures [Japanese] KAMATA Kenji,KOIKE Shiro,SUGA Keita and YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
Special IssueIII:In-depth Analyses of the Results of the Eighth National Survey on Migration(Part4)
265-283 Migration Effectson Marital Fertility in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area,the Non-Tokyo Metropolitan Area,and Japan [Japanese] YAMAUCHI Masakazu,KOIKE Shiro,KAMATA Kenji and NAKAGAWA Masataka PDF
Book Review
284-285 Jennifer,Lee and Min Zhou The Asian American Achievement Paradox [Japanese] KOREKAWA.Y *

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