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Foreign Scholar Lecture Series

Date Title Lecturer

December 2 (Fri.), 2022
“The IPUMS Ecosystem - Extending the Value of Data by Promoting Research” Sula Sarkar, PhD (Senior Research Scientist, IPUMS Center for Data Integration, University of Minnesota)

April 11 (Mon.), 2022
“India's unconventional demographic change and its implications” K.S.James (Director and Sr. Professor, International Institute for Population Studies (IIPS), India)

March 27 (Wed.), 2019
“Multidimensional Approach of Poverty Measurement” Jacques Silber (Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
Aya Abe (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Kuriko Watanabe (Researcher, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research)
Kohei Komamura (Professor, Keio University)
Hisao Endo (Director-General, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research)

March 19 (Tue.), 2019
"Family Policy in International Perspective" Willem Adema
Senior Economist for the Social Policy Division, OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour & Social Affairs

October 31 (Wed.), 2018
"Cohort Change Ratios & Their Applications" David A. Swanson, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Faculty Affiliate, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology, University of Washington

March 19 (Mon.), 2018
"ESSPROS: How Comparative Statistics on Social Protection Benefits and Their Financing are Produced and Utilized for the EU Social Protection Policy?" Giuliano Amerini
Administrator, UnitF-5 Education, Health and Social protection, EUROSTAT

February 23 (Fri.), 2018
"IPSS and KIHASA Second Annual Joint Seminar
-Population and social security through life-course- "

Prof.Hisao Endo (Director-general, IPSS)
Dr.Daemyung No (Director of Global Social Policy Research Center, KIHASA)
Dr. Jei Koh (KIHASA)
Dr. Rie Moriizumi (IPSS)
Dr. Sangyoung Lee (KIHASA)
Mr. Keita Suga (IPSS)
Dr. Namhui Hwang (KIHASA)
Dr. Setsuya Fukuda (IPSS)

May 15 (Mon.), 2017
"Variability over time in age-specific mortality in industrialized countries including Japan: Taylor's law meets Gompertz, Makeham, and Siler" Joel E. Cohen
Rockefeller University & Columbia University

March 24 (Fri.), 2017
"Individual-based population analysis: Application to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK)" Frans Willekens
Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)
The Hague, The Netherlands

June 10 (Fri.), 2016
"Recent change in fertility rates and third policy response [BRIDGE PLAN] in South Korea" Lee Samsik
Head, Low Fertility and Aging Population Response Planning Group
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA)
President of Population Association of Korea

May 24 (Tue.), 2016
"Korean Long-term Care Insurance for the Elderly: The Trends and Challenges" The following seminar is cancelled.
Director, Research center for long-term care policies
Korea Institute for Health & Social Affairs (KIHASA)

April 25 (Mon.), 2016
"Modal age at death: lifespan indicator in the era of longevity extension" Shiro Horiuchi
Coordinator, Demography Program, CUNY Graduate Center
Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, CUNY School of Public Health

December 16 (Wed.), 2015
"The challenges of depopulation for development" L?aszlo J. Kulcsar
Professor, Kansas State University

September 3 (Thu.), 2015
"Work-Family Balance of Families with Small Children: How to Achieve Gender Equality in Parenting" Saori Kamano (Senior Researcher, Department of Population Dynamics Research, IPSS)
Barbara Hobson (Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden)
Laura den Dulk (Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam,The Netherlands)
Eberhard Schaefer (Director, Berlin Fathers' Centre, Germany)

July 27 (Mon.), 2015
"The Demographic Dividend and Global Macroeconomic Perspectives: Medium- and Long-Run Trends"
Professor Robert Dekle
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Southern California

November 10 (Mon.), 2014
"IPUMS-International: Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Census Microdata of 100 Countries"
Professor Robert McCaa
Professor of Population History, Ambassador, IPUMS-International, Minnesota Population Center

July 11 (Fri.), 2014
"International Seminar on the Living Standard of Elderly Comparing Australia and Japan" Peter SAUNDERS (Professor,Social Policy Research Center(SPRC), University of New South Wales)
Yuvisthi NAIDOO (Research Associate, Social Policy Research Center(SPRC), University of New South Wales)
Melissa WONG (Research Fellow, Social Policy Research Center(SPRC), University of New South Wales)
Alan MORRIS (Associate Professor, The University of Technology, Sydney)
Yosuke HIRAYAMA (Professor, Kobe University)
Aya ABE (Director, Department of Empirical Social Security Research, IPSS)
Yoshihiro KANEKO (Advisory Officer for Policy Research Coordination, IPSS)
Kuriko WATANABE (Researcher, Department of Research Planning and Coordination, IPSS)
March 25 (Tue.), 2014 "Population Decline and Migration Policies in Europe" The following seminar is canceled.
Prof. Massimo Livi Bacci
Professor Emeritus, University of Florence

March 22 (Sat.), 2014
"Progress and Problems of the Reform of Social Security System in China under Aging and Change in Socioeconomic Situation"
Dr. He Lixin
Associate Professor, Vice Chair, Center for Public Economy Research, School of Economics, Fudan Unviersity

October 17 (Thu.), 2013
"Divergence and Convergence in Life Expectancy. A New Approach to Health Transition"
Dr. France Mesle
Institut national d'etudes demographiques

September 24 (Tue.), 2013
"The Policy Development to “Mental Health and Work” and “Disability and Work” in OECD countries"
Ms.Shruti Singh
Economist, OECD Employment Analysis and Policy Division

August 1 (Thu.), 2013
"Poverty, Social Cohesion and Social Policy Challenges in OECD Countries"
Dr.Monika Queisser
Head of the OECD Social Policy Division

March 21 (Thu.), 2013
"Revisiting Malthus on Growth: Demography, Economy, Religion" Prof.Yves Charbit
Professor of demography, University Paris Descartes. Director of CEPED
March 4 (Mon.), 2013 "Poverty of Children -
in the World and in Japan"

(in Japanese)
Speaker : Dr.Kunihiko Chris Hirabayashi (Representative, UNICEF Tokyo Office)
     Dr.Aya Abe (Director of Department of Empirical Social Security Research, IPSS)
Panelist : Ms.Yumiko Watanabe (Representative, NPO Kidsdoor)
     Ms.Tomoko Tsuda(Representative, Save the Children Japan)
November 19 (Mon.), 2012 "Is the European Welfare State Really More Expensive? After the Global Financial Crisis in 2008" Dr.Willem Adema
Senior Economist for the Social Policy Division, OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour & Social Affairs
For more information, check here → Dr. Adema's CV
October 2 (Tue.), 2012 Round table Seminar on Global Population Ageing Prof.Du Peng (Renmin University of China)
Prof.Seung Wook Lee (Seoul National University)
Dr.Futoshi ISHII (Director of Population Dynamics Research, IPSS)
Dr.Yoshihiro KANEKO (Director of Theoretical Social Security Research, IPSS)
Prof.Naohiro OGAWA (Director, Nihon University Population Research Institute(NUPRI)
Dr.Ann PAWLICZKO (Techincal Advisor, Population and Development Branch, Technical Division, UNFPA in New York)
Ms.Nobuko HORIBE (Director, Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, UNFPA in Bangkok)
Mr. Richard BLEWITT (CEO, HelpAge International)
August 1 (Wed.), 2012 "2010 World Population Housing Census Programme: A Global Review" Dr.Keiko Osaki-Tomita
Chief, Demographic and Social Statistics Branch, UN Statistics Division
July 23 (Mon.), 2012 "The Economic Crisis and Health" Mr.Mark Pearson
Head of the Health Division, OECD
December 14 (Wed.), 2011 "Japan: Imminently Aged: Lessons to be Drawn, Issues to Confront" Peter Heller
Senior Adjunct Professor of International Economics at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University, Deputy Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department at the International Monetary Fund
September 15 (Thu.), 2011 "The Relationship between Health and Schooling" Michael Grossman
Distinguished Professor of Economics, City University of New York Graduate Center, Research Associate and Program Director of Health Economics Research, National Bureau of Economic Research, Past President of the American Society of Health Economists
May 10 (Tue.), 2011 "Learning from UK: Income Inequality, Regional/Neighborhood Level Inequality, Deprivation, Migration and Mortality" Danny Dorling
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK
March 8 (Tue.), 2011 "On Population Choices in Japan" Paul Demeny
Distinguished Scholar at the Population Council
February 10 (Thu.), 2011 "Public Policies and Women's Employment after Childbearing" Wen-Jui Han
Associate Professor, Columbia University School of Social Work
February 10 (Thu.), 2011 "Child Support Enforcement: Does Policy Make a Difference?" Chien-Chung Huang
Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Rutgers University
January 7 (Fri.), 2011 "Low Fertility in Historical Perspecitve" Massimo Livi Bacci
Professor of Demography, Faculty of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri", University of Florence
February 10 (Wed.), 2010 "Measuring Deprivation at Local Level using Administrative Data" George Smith
Professor, Oxford University, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Senior Research and Teaching Associate, U.K.
February 9 (Mon.), 2009 "Long-Term Care in France: An Economic Analysis" Marie-Eve Joel
Professor, Paris-Dauphine University, Director of the Laboratory of Economy and Management of Health Organizations (LEGOS)
January 27 (Tue.), 2009 "Who Wins, Who Loses and By How Much? Predicting the Current, Future and Spatial Impact of Policy Change Using Microsimulation Models" Ann Harding
Professor of Applied Economics and Social Policy and the Director of the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) at the University of Canberra
September 22 (Mon.), 2008 "Population Aging and Fertility: The Achievement and Challenges of France's Countermeasures against the Declining Birthrate" Francois Heran
Director, French National Institute for Demographic Studies
December 11 (Tue.), 2007 "Nuptiality and Fertility Declines in Japan", "Mathematical Modeling of Cohort Patterns of First Marriage and Fertility" Toru SUZUKI (Senior Researcher, Department of Research Planning and Coordination, IPSS), Joshua R. Goldstein (Director, Max Plack Institute for Demographic Research)
April 18 (Wed.), 2007 "Income Inequality and Poverty in Australia" Prof. Peter Saunders
Director and Professor, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia
February 13 (Tue.), 2007 "Family trajectories after divorce. Recent contributions from demography" Prof. Montserrat SOLSONA
Professor, Center for Demographic Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona, SPAIN
October 26 (Thr.), 2006 "Gender Differences in Longevity: Recent Change in International Trends and Japan's Peculiarities" Prof. Shiro HORIUCHI
Associate Professor, Laboratory of Populations, Rockefeller University, U.S.A.
February 14 (Tue.), 2006 "Fertility Decline in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges"(in Japanese) Dr. Bhakta GUBHAJU
Population Affairs Officer, UN ESCAP
December 7 (Wed.), 2005 "Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries in the Second Half of the 1990s" Mr. Marco MIRA D'ERCOLE
Senior Administrator, Directorate for Employment, Labor and Social Affairs, OECD
January 7 (Fri.), 2005 "Theoretical Explanations of Rapid Fertility Decline in Korea" Prof. Doo-Sub KIM
Professor of Sociology, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea