Journal of Population Problems


Vol.79 No.4 (No.327) December 2023 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue T: Research on the situation and responses to the low fertility and ageing in China, Japan and Korea
235-236 Introduction [Japanese] HAYASHI Reiko *
237-255 Consideration of the Background of Long-term Care System Diversity and its Possible Future Development Direction under Rapid Population Ageing in Japan, China, and South Korea [Japanese] KOJIMA Katsuhisa PDF
256-279 Public Pension Systems in an Ageing Society with Low Fertility: A Comparison of Japan, China, and Korea [Japanese] SATO Itaru PDF
280-304 Policy Trends and Situation of Low Fertility and Population Ageing in Japan, China, and South Korea: A Comparative Perspective [Japanese] HAYASHI Reiko PDF
Special Issue U: The 8th National Survey on Household Changes (Part2)
305-330 Older Adults' Household Changes: An Analysis of Their Association with Local Care Services and Residential Relocation [Japanese] SHIMIZU Masato PDF
Special Issue V: Gender Studies in International Perspective (Part2)
331-359 How Are Skills Valued in the Labour Market and Related to Gender Inequality? -A Comparison of Labor Market Structure in Terms of Gender, Education, Skills, and Occupation. [Japanese] SUZUKI Kyoko PDF
360-380 A Comparative Study of Fertility of Highly Educated Women: An Examination of The Gender Equity Hypotheses Using The Two-sex TFR [Japanese] FUKUDA Setsuya PDF
Special Issue W: Comprehensive Research from a Demographic Viewpoint on the Longevity Revolution (Part3)
381-400 Study for a Model Splitting Death Counts by Age and Time into Designating by Birth Cohort [Japanese] HORIGUCHI Yu and ISHII Futoshi PDF
401-423 Demographic Decomposition of Population Growth Rates by Prefectures in Japan: 1950-2020 (2) Decomposition by Time Period and Analysis of Population by Age Group [Japanese] KAMATA Kenji, KOIKE Shiro, SUGA Keita and YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
424-439 Population Reproduction Rates for All Japan: 2022 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi *
440-446 Standardized Vital Rates by Prefecture: 2022 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
447-454 Age-Specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Japanese Females by Prefecture: 2022 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
Book Review
455-456 YAMASAKI Shiro "Jinko Senryaku Hoan" [Japanese] KISHI Masahiro *

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