Journal of Population Problems


Vol.79 No.3 (No.326) September 2023 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Demographic Research Related to Regional Revitalization
181-182 Introduction [Japanese] KISHI Masahiro *
183-191 A Case Study of GIS Application to Improve Residents' Living Environment in Fukui Prefectural Government [Japanese] INOUE Nozomu, SUZUKI Shigemitsu and NAKAYAMA Keita PDF
192-205 Population Projections for Japan: 2021-2070 (with Long-Range Population Projections: 2071-2120) [Japanese] IWASAWA Miho, BEPPU Motomi, YODA Shohei, KOREKAWA Yu, MORIIZUMI Rie, YOSHIDA Wataru, KAMANO Saori, OIZUMI Ryo and ISHII Futoshi *
206-213 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected UN Countries: 1950-2021 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
214-223 Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi *
Book Review
224-225 Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan
The Great Demographic Reversal [Japanese]

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