Journal of Population Problems


Vol.76 No.3 (No.314) September 2020 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:Household Projections for Japan
291-292 Introduction [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro *
293-310 A Decomposition of the Decrease in Average Household Size in Japan [Japanese] KOYAMA Yasuyo PDF
311-326 Statistical Analysis of Household Size [Japanese] SUZUKI Toru PDF
327-339 An Attempt of Household Projections by Municipality: For Shizuoka Prefecture as a Target Area [Japanese] KOIKE Shito,KOYAMA Yasuyo PDF
Special IssueII:The Demographic Trend of Foreign Nationals in JapaniPart2)
340-374 Who will come to Japan? Ananalysis with the first comprehensive survey on emigration pressure in Asia [Japanese] KOREKAWA Yu PDF
Special IssueIII:In-depth Analyses of the Results of the Eighth National Survey on Migration(Part5)
375-393 Differences in Internal Migration by Careers and Generational Effects [Japanese] TSUKASAKI Yuko PDF
394-415 Capturing Migration of Older Persons in Japan using Population Census, Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions and National Survey on Migration [Japanese] HAYASHI Reiko PDF
416-423 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected UN Counties:1950-2018 [Japanese] SASAI Tsukasa,BEPPU Motomi *
424-433 Structure of Population for Selected Countries:Latest Available Year [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi *
Book Review
434-435 Michaela Kreyenfeld,Dirk Konietzka(eds.) Childlessness in Europe:Contexts,Causes,and Consequences [Japanese] MORIIZUMI Rie *

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