Journal of Population Problems


Vol.68No.3 (No.282) September 2012 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Sixteenth IPSS Annual Seminar: Very Low Fertility in East Asia - Similarity and Difference in Causes and Policy Response
1-13 The Meaning of Very Low Fertility in East Asia: A Summary of Discussions at the 16th IPSS Annual Seminar[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH *
14-31 Very Low Fertility in Eastern Asia and Europe: Trends, Determinants and Policy Responses[Japanese] Toru SUZUK PDF
32-49 Low Fertility and Policy Interventions in South Korea[Japanese] Akiko MATSUE PDF
50-65 Declining Fertility Rate and Its Coping Policy Measures in Taiwan[Japanese] Shoichi ITO PDF
66-84 Labor Supply and Child Care following the First Childbirth in Beijing, Seoul and Japan[Japanese] Nobuko NAGASE PDF
85-104 Compressed Family Changes and Family Policy Restructuring: From a Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea[Japanese] Naoko SOMA PDF
Book Reviews
105 Franz Xaver Kaufmann (translated by Toshihiko Hara and Akiyo Uozumi), "Shukugen suru Shakai: Jinko Gensho to sono Kiketsu"[Japanese] Satosh NAKAGAWA *

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