Journal of Population Problems


Vol.68No.2 (No.281) June 2012 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Studies on the Household Changes Survey in 2009
1-2 Introduction - Purpose and Overview of Household Changes Survey[Japanese] Toru SUZUK *
3-17 Trends of Stem Family Households in Japan[Japanese] Toru SUZUK PDF
18-36 Regional Characteristics of Household Changes in Recent Japan[Japanese] Yasuyo KOYAMA PDF
37-70 Projection of Living Arrangements of Elderly People by Prefecture[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI,
Yasuyo KOYAMA,
Keita SUGA
Book Reviews
71 Moon Hoil, "Chosen Minshushugi Jinmin Kyowakoku no Jinko Hendo"[Japanese] Hao YIN *

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