Journal of Population Problems


Vol.67 No.1 (No.276) March 2011 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Studies on the National Survey on Family in Japan, 2008 (Part II)
1-23 Does the Continuation Rate of the Job Participation through the 1Childbirth Increase for Cohorts after Implementation of Work-related Childcare Programs in Japan?[Japanese] Keita SUGA PDF
24-37 Intergenerational Assistance for a Married Adult Child[Japanese] Masakazu YAMAUCHI PDF
38-58 Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Support Network of Child Rearing Women[Japanese] Atsushi HOSHI PDF
59-87 Married Womenfs Conceptions of gFamilyh: Defining Conditions, Functions and Constituents[Japanese] Saori KAMANO PDF
88-97 Time Series Demographic Data for Eastern Asian Low Fertility Countries[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI,
Keita SUGA
Book Review
98 Noriko Tsuya and Yoshio Higuchi (eds.), gJinko Gensho to Nihon Keizai: RodoENenkinEIryo Seido no Yukueh(H.NOGUCHI)[Japanese] Haruko NOGUCHI *
99 Robin, Jean-Marie, Crimmins, Eileen M., Horiuchi, Shiro, and Zeng Yi(eds.) gHuman Longevity, Individual Life Duration, and the Growth of the Oldest-Old Populationh (F.ISHII)[Japanese] Futoshi ISHII *
Miscellaneous News

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