Journal of Population Problems


Vol.67 No.2 (No.277) June 2011 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Transition to Adulthood in Low Fertility Societies
1-2 Introduction: The Changing Transition to Adulthood in Post-Transitional Societies[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH *
3-39 Two Major Factors behind the Marriage Decline in Japan: the Deterioration in Macroeconomic Performance and the Diffusion of Individualism Ideology[Japanese] Akihiko@KATO PDF
40-64 Well-being and the Ideal Timing of Key Events in the Transition to Adulthood: A Pilot Analysis Based on European Social Survey Data (2006-2007)[English] Hideko MATSUO,
65-83 A Study on the Possibility of Time Series Analysis using Grid Square Statistics Associated with those Boundary Changes-Through the Comparison between Geometric Systems and between Grid Hierarchies-[Japanese] Shiro KOIKE *
Book Review
84 Kozo Yamaguchi, "Gendai Nihon no Setaikozo to ShugyoKozo no Hendo Kaiseki"[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
85 Yasuko Hayase, Hiroshi Ohbuchi, "Sekai ShuyokokuEChiiki no Jinko Mondai"[Japanese] Yoshimi CHITOSE *
86 Yan Shanping, "Chugoku Nominko no Chosakenkyu"[Japanese] Tsukasa@SASAI *
Miscellaneous News

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