Journal of Population Problems


Vol.71No.2 (No.293) June 2015 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: Study on the Population and Life Course Dynamics in The First and Second Demographic Transition and Their Future Prospects (Part I)
65-85 Japan in the Post-demographic Transition Period: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on the Long-term Population Dynamics[Japanese] SATO,Ryuzaburo
86-101 Fertility Trendsin Post-transitional Societies: Process and Prospects ofBelow-replacement Fertility [Japanese] IWASAWA,Miho PDF
102-121 The First and Second Transitions: Japan and South Korea Compared[English] MOON,Ho-il
122-140 Impacts of the Incorporation of Immigrant Workers to the Japanese Labor Market: Their Economic Achievement and its Determinants [Japanese] KOREKAWA,Yu PDF
Special Issue II: Demographic Research on the Causes and the Socio-Economic Consequence of Longevity Extension in Japan (Part II)
141-155 Applications of the Japanese Mortality Database to Mortality Studies[Japanese] ISHII,Futoshi PDF
156-163 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected UN Countries: 1950-2013[Japanese] BEPPU,Motomi
164-173 Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year[Japanese] BEPPU,Motomi *
Book Review
174-174 Smith,Stanley K., Tayman,Jeff, & Swanson,David A. "A Practitioner's Guide to State and Local Population Projections"[Japanese] YAMAUCHI,Masakazu *

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