Journal of Population Problems


Vol.68No.1 (No.280) March 2012 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: Research on the Effect of Social Policies under Low Fertility Society (Part 2)
1-13 A Demographic Analysis on Fertility and Employment Continuation of Married Women in Japan[Japanese] Motomi BEPPU PDF
14-31 Effects of Family-Support/Work and Family Reconciliation Policies on Changes in the Fertility: Analysis by Macroeconomic Mod[Japanese] Mikito MASUDA PDF
Special Issue II: The Transition to Adulthood in Low Fertility Societies (Part 3)
32-53 The Changes of the Model of Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood and Youth Policy[Japanese] Michiko MIYAMOTO PDF
Special Issue III: Studies on the National Survey on Family in Japan, 2008 (Part 3)
54-69 The Situation and Prospect of Elderly Care by Female Family Members in Japan[Japanese] Yasuyo KOYAMA PDF
70-89 Survey Nonresponse in the 4th National Survey on Family in Japan[Japanese] Masakazu YAMAUCHI PDF
90-127 Population Projections for Japan 2011-2060 (With Long-range Population Projections: 2061-2110)[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO,
Futoshi ISHII,
Tsukasa SASAI,
Fusami MITA,
Motomi BEPPU,
Book Reviews
128-128 Yoshitaka Ishikawa, Takashi Inoue and Yuko Tahara (eds.), "Chiiki to Jinko kara Miru Nihon no Sugata "and Yoshitaka Ishikawa (ed.)" Chizu de Miru Nihon no Gaikoku-jin"[Japanese] Tsukasa SASAI *
129-130 Antionette Fauve-Chamoux, Emiko Ochiai (eds.), "The Stem Family in Eurasian Perspective : Revisiting House Societies, 17th-20th Centuries"[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *

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