Journal of Population Problems


Vol.64 No.3 (No.266) September 2008 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Studies on the Population Projections: Part-I
1-2 An Introductory Note:@ In Search of Future Population and the Society[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO *
3-27 On the Basic Nature and Methodological Frameworks of Population@Projections[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO ,
Fusami MITA
28-44 Mortality Projection Model Consistent with the Recent Japanese Mortality Situation |Developing the Age-shifting Mode|[Japanese] Futoshi ISHII PDF
45-69 Comparative Studies of National Population Projections in Industrialized Countries[Japanese] Rie MORIIZUMI PDF
70-86 Municipal Mergers and Commuting[Japanese] Masato SHIMIZU PDF
87-111 Comparative Research of the Migration Models in Regional Population Projections[Japanese] Shiro KOIKE PDF
112-121 Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
122-129 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected Countries: 1950-2006[Japanese] Motomi BEPPU ,
Book Review
130 Hisashi Inaba (ed.) Gendai Jinko-gaku no Shatei (S. KONO)[Japanese] Shigemi KONO *
Miscellaneous News

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