Journal of Population Problems


Vol.64 No.2 (No.265) June 2008 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue ‡T: The Twelfth IPSS Annual Seminar:@ Lowest - Low Fertility and the Changes in Society@and Family - Experiences of Europe and Policy Challenges of Japan -
1-9 Introduction to the Seminar on the Lowest Low-Fertility and the Changes in Society and Family[Japanese] Shigesato TAKAHASHI *
10-24 Very Low Fertility in Japan: Its Causes and Policy Measures[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH *
25-45 Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe: Exploring the Causes and Finding some Surprises[Japanese] Francesco C. BILLARI
(translated by)
46-53 Very Low Fertility: Consequences, Causes and Policy Approaches[Japanese] Peter MCDONALD
(translated by)
Special Issue ‡U: Marriage and Fertility in Japan: The Thirteenth National Fertility Survey, 2007 |Part ‡V|
54-75 Feelings about Parental and Friends ' Marital Relationships and Exposure to Marriage and Childrearing : Analyses of Perception of Marriage and Desire to Many[Japanese] Saori KAMANO PDF
Book Reviews
76 Shigemi Kono, hJinko-gaku eno Shotai: ShoshiEkoreika wa doko made Kaimei sareta ka" (S. TAKAHASHI j[Japanese] Shigesato TAKAHASHI *
Miscellaneous News

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