Journal of Population Problems


Vol.77 No.4 (No.319) June 2021 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:Research on Population Analysis,Future Projections,and its Application Corresponding to New Trends in Declining Birthrates and Aging from an International and Regional Perspective(Part1)
291-292 Introduction [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro *
293-315 Apportionment of Unknowns of Migration Tabulations in the 2015 Population Census of Japan and Verification of the Results [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro and SUGA Keita PDF
316-334 Municipality-Level Estimates of Total Fertility Rateusing Indirect Standardization [Japanese] IWASAWA Miho,SUGA Keita, KAMATA Kenji and YODA Shohei PDF
335-357 The Scientific Basis and Methodology of Official Population Projections from International Viewpoints [Japanese] ISHII Futoshi,MORIIZUMI Rie,IWASAWA Miho and NAKAMURA Mariko PDF
Special IssueII:Studies on the National Survey on Family in Japan, 2018(part2)
358-375 Geographical Distance between Parents and Adult Children: Examining the Impact of Parental Housing Assistance,Support Needs, and Patrilieal Norm [Japanese] CHITOSE Yoshimi PDF
376-381 Rates of In-Migration,Out-Migration and Net Migration by Ageand Prefecture(Japanese,2015-2020) [Japanese] KISHI Masahiro, MINESHIMA Yasushi and SHIMIZU Masato *
Book Review
376-381 Kumagai F.,Municipal Power and Population Decline in Japan Goki-Shichido and Regional Variations [Japanese] KISHI Masahiro *

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