Journal of Population Problems


Vol.77 No.2 (No.317) June 2021 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special IssueI:The 24th IPSS Annual Seminar:Issues and Future Directions of Regional Policies in the Era of Depopulation
85-100 Future Prospects of Regional Population in Japan [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro PDF
101-111 New Perspectives on Regional Industrial Policy and a Future Regional Society [Japanese] MATSUBARA Hiroshi PDF
112-128 Population Analysis and Revitalisation Strategy -The Future Direction of Community Development- [Japanese] IGARASHI Chikako PDF
129-152 Objective Interpretation of Regional Population Indices -Focusing on the Relationship Between Population Migration and Household Formation [Japanese] MARUYAMA Yohei PDF
153-170 Land Use Policy under Population Declining [Japanese] HASEGAWA Hirokazu PDF
171-184 Depopulation and Restructuring of Public Facilities [Japanese] SETA Fumihiko PDF
Special Issue II:Demography of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Building a Foundation for Research in Japan(Part3)
185-205 Spatial Distribution of LGBTs in Osaka City,Japan [Japanese] YAMAUCHI Masakazu PDF
206-232 Demographic Diversity of the Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum in Japan: Findings from the 2020 Aro/Ace Survey [Japanese] MIYAKE Daijiro and HIRAMORI Daiki PDF
Book Review
233-234 TSUYA Noriko,SUGA Keita,SHIKATA Masato,YOSHIDA Chizu(eds.) "Jinkohendo to Kazoku no Jisshobunseki" [Japanese] YODA Shohei *

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