Journal of Population Problems


Vol.77 No.1 (No.316) March 2021 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue T:Demography of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity : Building a Foundation for Research in Japan(Part2)
1-20 A Comparison of Response Pattern between Survey Modes : An Assessment from SOGI Survey Based on a Random Selection from Basic Resident Registration [Japanese] CHITOSE Yoshimi PDF
Special Issue U:In-depth Analyses of the Results of the Eighth National Survey on Migration(Part6)
21-40 Impact of Migration on the Regional Differences in the Rate of Cohabitation with Parents [Japanese] MARUYAMA Yohei PDF
41-44 Population Problems Reported in Japanese Newspapers in 2020 [Japanese] IMAI Hiroyuki *
45-67 Japanese Translation of "Asking about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Social Surveys in Japan : Findings from the Osaka City Residents "Survey and Related Preparatory Studies" [Japanese] HIRAMORI Daiki and KAMANO Saori Translated by KWAK Suirin and KONISHI Yuumi *
68-75 Migration with in Regions and to / from the Metropolitan Areas : the Rates of In-,Out- and Net Migration by Age and Prefecture(2018-2019) [Japanese] NAKAJO Takemi,MINESHIMA Yasushi, KISHI Masahiro and SHIMIZU Masato *
Book Review
76 Holly R. Barcus and Keith Halfacree, An Introduction to Population Geographies: Livesacross Space [Japanese] HISAI Seia *

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