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The Japanese Journal of Social Security Policy, Vol.6, No.1 (March 2007)

Table of Contents

Co-Editors: Ulrich Becker, Takeshi Tsuchida, Kotaro Tanaka and Tetsuo Fukawa


German-Japanese Joint Research on Social Security


Ulrich Becker. Solidarity, Financing and Personal Coverage                               


Tetsuo Fukawa. Macro evaluation of Japanese healthcare system

in comparison with Germany


Shinya Matsuda. Casemix as a tool for transparency of medical services             


Long-term care

Heinz Rothgang & Gerhard Igl. Long-term Care in Germany                                                                



Bernd von Maydell. Normative Issues of the Public Pension in Germany                  


Kotaro Tanaka. Normative Issues of the Public Pension in Japan


Winfried Schmähl. Sustainable pension systems in times of structural

changes in demography, economy and society: The case of Germany-

Objectives, arguments and effects of the new German pension policy                                                                                       

Tetsuo Fukawa. Sustainable structure of Japanese public pension system@

viewed from a Germany-Japan@Comparison


Kohei Komamura. The 2004 pension reform and the impact of rapid aging in Japan



Instruction for Authours@

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