Journal of Population Problems


Vol.70No.1 (No.288) March 2014 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Internal Migration in the Society of Low-fertility, Super-aged and Population Decline -In-depth Analysis on the Results of the Seventh National Survey on Migration- (Part II)
1-20 International Comparison of Migration -A Construction of Model-mobility Using Japanese Indicators-[Japanese] Reiko HAYASHI PDF
21-43 An Examination of the Hypotheses on the Impact of Migration on Fertility -From the Data of "Seventh National Survey on Migration"-[Japanese] Shiro KOIKE PDF
44-64 Residences by Life Stage and Population Structures of Metropolitan Residents[Japanese] Masato SHIMIZU PDF
65-72 Overview of Tachi Archive -With Brief Accounts of Documents on Pre-war Period-[Japanese] Reiko HAYASHI
Hiroyuki IMAI
Book Review
73-74 Sarah Earle, Carol Komaromy and Linda L.Layne (eds.), Understanding Reproductive Loss: Perspectives on Life, Death and Fertility[Japanese] Kana FUSE *

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