Journal of Population Problems


Vol.70No.2 (No.289) June 2014 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: Regional Population Projections and Household Projections for Japan
79-80 Introduction[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
81-96 Methodological Issues regarding Household Projections for Japan[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI PDF
97-119 Demographic Factors Influencing Elderly Population Change by Prefecture[Japanese] Shiro KOIKE PDF
120-136 An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Fertility Measurement Choice on Subnational Population Projections: A Case Study of 47 Prefectures in Japan[Japanese] Masakazu YAMAUCHI PDF
Special Issue II: The Studies on Population Projections for Japan and Their Applications - Part III -
137-146 Discussion on Analysis Methods on International Migration applying Population Projection for Japan[Japanese] Tsukasa@SASAI PDF
147-164 Migration Scenarios and Future Population Composition of Japan in Comparison with Europe[English] Giampaolo LANZIERI PDF
165-172 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected Countries: 1950-2012[Japanese] Tsukasa@SASAI
Motomi BEPPU
173-182 Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Yea[Japanese] Motomi BEPPU
Book Review
183 David P. Smith and Nathan Keyfitz, Edited by Kenneth W. Wachter and Herve Le Bras Mathematical Demography, Selected Papers, Second, revised edition[Japanese] Futoshi ISHII *

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