Journal of Population Problems


Vol.65 No.3 (No.270) September 2009 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: The Sixth National Survey on Migration, 2006iPart1)
1-2 Introduction[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA *
3-20 On the Relation of Migration and Fertility Behavior \Focusing on the Migrants to Metropolitan Areas before Firs Marriage\[Japanese] Shiro KOIKE PDF
21-39 The Impact of Long-Distance Family Migration on Married Women's Employment Status in Japan[English] Yoshimi CHITOSE PDF
Special Issue II: The International Comparative Studies on Gender and Generation(PHASE II): Part 3
40-57 Does Leaving Parental Home Accelerate the Timing of the 1st Marriage in the United States and Japan?[Japanese] Keita SUGA PDF
58-72 Causal Relationship between Husbands' Work-Life Balance and Wives' Desire to Bear Children[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA
Atsushi HOSHI
73-105 Selected Demographic Indicators from the United Nations' World Population ProspectsC the 2008 Revision[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH,
Motomi BEPPU
Miscellaneous News

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