Journal of Population Problems


Vol.63 No.3 (No.262) September 2007 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Marriage and Fertility in Japan: The Thirteenth National Fertility Survey, 2007-Part I-
1-2 Watching the Peoples's Marriage and Birth[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO *
3-23 A Study on Regional Differentials in Marital Fertility[Japanese] Tsukasa SASAI PDF
24-41 Delayed Childbearing and the Changing Age Composition of Women who Desire Children[Japanese] Miho IWASAWA ,
Fusami MITA
42-57 On the Age in Demographic Analysis of Marriage and Divorce: −The de facto Age at Cohabitation and Separation or the Age at Registration?-[Japanese] Motomi BEPPU *
58-69 Household Projections by Tokyo Metropolitan Municipality, Japan: 2000−2025[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA,
Masakazu YAMAUCH
70-102 Selected Demographic Indicators from the United Nations' World Population Prospects,the 2006 Revision[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH,
Book Review
103 Yasuko TAMA,"'Kindai Kazoku' to Body Politics"(R・SATOH)>[Japanese] Ryuzaburo SATOH *
Miscellaneous News

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