Journal of Population Problems


Vol.75 No.2 (No.309) June 2019 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue:The 22nd IPSS Annual Seminar:International Symposium on Longevity:Through Comparison Between France and Japan,the Two Top Runners of Longevity
69-79 Speeches and Panel Discussion on Longevity of Japan and France [Japanese] Futoshi ISHII *
80-91 The French Public Policies for Long Term Car [Japanese] Magda TOMASINI PDF
92-107 Current Status and Problems of Medical Care System and Long-Term Care Insurance in Super-Aged Nation Japan [Japanese] Hisao ENDO PDF
108-122 Highest Life Expectancies:How Long Will Japan Keep the Lead? [Japanese] France MESLE and Jacques VALLIN PDF
123-136 Longevity Extension and Health Transition:The Case of Japan [Japanese] Reiko HAYASHI PDF
Book Reviews
137 Jack Baker,David A.Swanson,Jeff Tayman and Lucky M.Tedrow, Cohort Change Ratios and Their Applications(S.KOIKE) [Japanese] S.KOIKE *

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