Journal of Population Problems


Vol.60 No.3 (No.251) September 2004 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Eighth Welfare Policy Seminar hPopulation Decline and Immigration Policies: Japanfs Choiceh
1-13 An Overview of the Issue: What should be Discussed?[Japanese] Makoto ATOH *
14-30 Not Here for Good? International Migration Realities and Prospects in Asia[Japanese] Maruja M.B. ASIS
(translated by)
31-50 Western Experiences with international Migration in the Context of Population Decline[Japanese] Michael S. TEITELBAUM
(translated by)
Nobutaka FUKUDA
51-58 Overview[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA *
59-68 Population Reproduction Rates for All Japan: 2003 [Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
69-74 Standardized Vital Rates by Prefectures: 2003 [Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
75-80 Age-specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Japanese Females by Prefectures: 2003 [Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
Book Reviews
81-81 Jacob S. Siegel and David A. Swanson (eds.), "The Methods and Materials of Demography, Second Edition"[Japanese] Ryuichi KOMATSU *
82-82 Tiana Norgren, "Aborion before Birth Control: The Politics of Reproduction in Postwar Japan"[Japanese] Miho OGINO *
Miscellaneous News

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