Journal of Population Problems


Vol.59 No.1 (No.245) March 2003 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: International Comparisons of Low Fertility and Family Policies (PART 1)
1-6 Introduction[Japanese] Makoto ATOH *
7-26 Governmental Support for Families with Children: Japan and Europe [Japanese] Nobutaka FUKUDA PDF
27-48 Below-Replacement Fertility and Family Policy in Japan in an International Comparative Perspective[Japanese] Makoto ATOH,
49-80 Fertility and Family Policies in Nordic Countries, 1960-2000 [Japanese] Noriko O. TSUYA PDF
81-98 Fertility Trend and Family Policies: In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands[Japanese] Toshihiko HARA PDF
Book Review
99-99 Midori Ashida (ed.) gJenda Igaku Jidai ni Muketeh [Japanese] Ryuichi KOMATSU *
Miscellaneous News

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