Journal of Population Problems


Vol.58 No.4 (No.244)December 2002 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Related Studies on Future Population Projections (PART 2)
1-21 Various Combinations of Demographic Assumptions, and Itfs Dynamic Changes in the Future Population [Japanese] Futoshi ISHII,
22-46 Projection for Marriage and Birth -Approached by Social-Econometric Model-[Japanese] Hisakazu KATO PDF
Research Material
47-64 A Decompostion Analysis of Population Aging by Region of Japan[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
65-74 Age-Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year [Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
75-80 Age-Specifc Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
Book Reviews
81-81 Doo-Sub Kim, Sang-Tae Park, Ki-Soo Eun,"Hangug-e Ingu"[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
82-82 INED, gLow Fertility, Family and Public Policiesh Population: English edition Vol.57 No.3[Japanese] Tsukasa SASAI *
Miscellaneous News

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