Journal of Population Problems


Vol.57 No.2 (No.238) June 2001 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Studies on the National Survey on Family in Japan, 1998 (1)
1-2 Preface [Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA *
3-18 Practical Use of Working Women and the Analysis of their Working Style after Childbirth [Japanese] Katsura MARUYAMA PDF
19-35 Married Women as Informal Caregivers of the Elderly Parents Living With or Apart From Them[Japanese] Yasuyo KOYAMA PDF
36-48 The Determinant Factor of the Possession of Property in a Present Family[Japanese] Atsushi HOSHI PDF
49-59 Effects of Population Distribution Change [Japanese] Masato SHIMIZU *
60-65 Age-specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Selected Countries: Latest Available Years[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
Book Reviews
66-66 Fumiaki Ozaki (ed.) gGendai Kokosei no Keiryo Shakaigaku -Shinro¥Seikatsu¥Sedai-h [Japanese] Mayuko AKACHI *
67-67 Tommy Bengtsson and Osamu Saito, gPopulation and Economy: from Hunger to Modern Economic Growthh[Japanese] Kohei WADA *
Miscellaneous News

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