Journal of Population Problems


Vol.57 No.1 (No.237) March 2001 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Fourth National Survey on Migration, 1996
1-7 The Current State of Migration Statistics in Japan and The National Survey on Migration of IPSS[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA *
8-24 Reasons for the Recent Migration and their Changes [Japanese] Masato SHIMIZU PDF
25-40 Unbalanced Spatial Distribution of Gender and gMigration for Marriageh in Japan[Japanese] Satoshi NAKAGAWA PDF
41-62 Lifetime Migration in Japan [Japanese] Takashi INOUE PDF
63-77 Changing Patterns of Spatial Mobility and the Problem of Life Plan among Japanese Youth: An Analysis of a Factor of Late Marriage Effecting the Decline of the Fertility Rate[Japanese] Takashi HARADA *
Book Reviews
78-78 Alaka Malwade Basu and Peter Aaby, gThe Methods and Uses of Anthropological Demographyh [Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
79-79 Gayl D. Ness with Michael M. Low, gFive Cities: hModelling Asian Urban Population-Environment Dynamicsh [Japanese] Yoshimi CHITOSE *
80-80 hSei to Seishoku no Jinken-mondai Shiryoshusei, 1875-1953h[Japanese] Noriko SHIRAISHI *
Miscellaneous News

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