Journal of Population Problems


Vol.54 No.1 (No.225) March 1998 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: Second Seminar on Social Welfare Policy
1-6 Social and Economic Background of Very Low Fertility and Policy Responses to It[Japanese] Makoto ATOH *
7-23 Parenthood and Family Life in the United Kingdom[Japanese] Kathleen E. KIERNAN *
24-40 Below-Replacement Fertility in the European Union (EU-l5): Facts and Policies, 1960-1997[Japanese] Jean-Claude CHESNAIS *
41-62 The Decline of the TFR: Who Cares?[Japanese] Chizuko UENO *
63-76 Economic Interpretations of Declining Fertility and its Policy Implications[Japanese] Naohiro YASHIRO *
Special Issue II: Below-replacement Fertility and Family Polic
77-87 Discussion[Japanese] *
88-119 Towards on Integration of Various Models of the Marriage Formation and Fertility[Japanese] Hiroshi OBUCHI,
Shigesato TAKAHASHI,
Ryuichi KANEKO,
Hisakazu KATO,
Kohei WADA,
Book Reviews
120-120 Hans H. Blotevogel and Anthony J. Fielding (eds.), "People, Jobs and Mobility in the New Europe"[Japanese] Satoshi NAKAGAWA *
121-121 Joel E. Cohen, (translated by Nanako Shigesada, Hiromi Seno, Fugo Takasu), "Shin uJinkoronv: Seitaigakuteki Apurochi"(How Many People Can the Earth Support?)[Japanese] Hisashi INABA *
Miscellaneous News

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