Journal of Population Problems


Vol.53 No.4 (No.224) December 1997 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Below-replacement Fertility and Family Policy
1-14 Research or Below-Replacement Fertility in Japan: Its Review and New Agenda[Japanese] Makoto ATOH *
15-31 Low Fertility and Housing Costs[Japanese] Yasushi ASAMI,
Moriyuki OE,
Yasuyo KOYAMA,
Sachiko SEGAWA
32-48 Does the Increase in Fertility Rate Reduce the Burden of Public Pension System?[Japanese] Yoshibumi ASO *
49-66 Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave Policy and Retention of Female Workers in Japan, the United States and Britain[Japanese] Yoshio HIGUCHI,
Masahiro ABE,
Jane Waldfogel
67-74 Sibling Size in a Stable Population[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI *
Book Reviews
75-75 Andrei Rogers, "Multiregional Demography: Principles, Methods and Extensions"[Japanese] Tamotsu OOBA *
76-76 Cherlyn Skromme Granrose and Eileen E. Kaplan, "Work-Family Role Choices for Women in Their 20s and 30s: From College Plans to Life Experiences"[Japanese] Yukiko SENDA *
Miscellaneous News

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