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Journal of Population and Social Security : Social Security Study

This version is special issue of our journal on Web.

Contents of Social Security Study March 2002 Version

  1. Gary Burtless "Spending and Sources of Finance in the American Welfare State : Options for Reform" (559KB)

  2. Alan Walker "The Reform of Pensions in the UK" (7.34MB)

  3. John Hills "The Welfare State in the UK: Evolution, Funding and Reform " (16.5MB)

  4. Ray Robinson "Primary Health Care in the UK : Policy, Practice and Performance " (10.6MB)

  5. Winfried Schmaehl "New Developments and future Directions of the Public Pension System in Germany " (79.9KB)

  6. Eva M. Hohnerlein "Policy Measures in German Public Pension System to cope with Low Fertility " (61.1KB)

  7. Markus Schneider"Improper Use of Hospital Beds in Germany " (71.3KB)

  8. Timothy Smeeding@"The LIS Project : Overview and Recent Developments" (425KB)