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Journal of Population and Social Security : Social Security Study

Vol.1,No.1 (August 2002)

Co-editors: Eiji Tajika(Hitotsubashi University) and Tetsuo Fukawa(IPSS)

Income Distribution and Child Rearing in Japan: Studies using Microeconomic Data

Foreword (8Kb)

Yasuhiro Terasaki The Impact of Changes in Family Structure on Income Distribution in Japan, 1989-1997: Rising Inequality of Household Income Reconsidered" (68Kb)

Eiji Tajika and Izumi Furutani Distribution of Personal Income Tax in Japan: Evidence from a Microeconomic Survey (48Kb)

Tetsuo Fukawa Income Distribution and Retirement Income in Japan (58Kb)

Takashi Oshio Intra-age, inter-age and lifetime income redistribution (118Kb)

Akiko S. Oishi The Effect of Childcare Costs on Mothers' Labor Force Participation (91Kb)

Aya K. Abe Effects of Child-related Benefits in Japan (179Kb)