Social Secrurity in Japan

March 2000

National Institute of Population and Social Security Research


This booklet aims to provide foreign researchers with an introductory explanation of aspects of the social security system in Japan: pensions, health insurance, public assistance, and long-term care. Thus, the booklet is mostly descriptive and kept at a minimum level in outlining the current system and the challenges facing it. Researchers are advised to refer to further reading in English at the end of this booklet. As Japan's social security system is undergoing a series of reforms, we will update this publication from time to time.

Dr. Yuichi Shionoya
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research


1.Overview of Social Security System
I.General Characteristics
II.Revenues and Expenditure of the Social Security
I. General Characteristics
II. Types of Pension Scheme
III. Current Issues of Pension System
Outline of Pension System
3.Health Insurance
I. General Characteristics
II. Types of Health Insurance
III. Current Issues of Health Insurance
Outline of Health Insurance System
4.Public Assistance
I. General Characteristics
II. Assistance Schemes
III. Current Issues
5.Long-Term Care
I.General Characteristics
III. Current Issues

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