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Review of Population and Social Policy No.1-No.10

No. 1 March 1992


The Impact of the Aging Population on the Social Security and Allied Services of Japan
Naomi Maruo 1

Public Pension System for the 21st Century
Katsuhiro Hori 55

Inter-industry (Input and Output) Analysis of Public Service Activities and the Economy of Medical Care
Kenichi Miyazawa 71

Labor Force Participation in Health-Care Services
Fumiko Mikami 93

The Need for Social Services for the Elderly
Shogo Takegawa 117

No. 2 March 1993


Public Pensions and an Aging Population
Yasushi Iwamoto, Ryuta Kato,
& Masahiro Hidaka 1

The Impact of a Flexible Labor Market on the Social Security System
Tomoko Furugori 11

A Study on Fair Old-Age Pension Benefits Using Vignettes
Teruya Oda 27


Japan's Health-Care System and its Reform
Yoshiki Watanabe 57

No . 3 March 1994


Reinforced Care Capacity in Geriatric Hospitals and Changes in Costs and Manpower Present Situation of Long-Term Care for the Aged and Changes in Medical Care Facilities in Japan
Yasuo Takagi 1

Characteristics of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Japan Mechanisms of Regulation and Competition
Tsuruhiko Nambu 19

Implementation Structure of Social Policy by Local Governments Inter-Organizational Relations in Multi-Layered Complications
Masayuki Fujimura 35

Quantitative Analysis of the Pension System In Connection with the Growth Path of the Japanese Economy
Yoshihisa Inada, Kazuo Ogawa,
Masayuki Tamaoka, & Ichiro Tokutsu 61

No . 4 March 1995


Pension and Social Security Systems, Savings, and Bequest
Toshihiro lhori 1

Medical Care and the Behavior of Public Hospitals in Japan
Tetsuro Chino 25

Support Problems in the Aging Urban Society
Keiko Yasukochi 43

Adult Care Services in Depopulated Rural Areas Trial Programs by the Agricultural Cooperative Associations
Takeo Ogawa 65

Users' Charges in Day Nursery Fee and Policy on Revenue Source
Yukiko Katsumata 83


Social Security System Reform and its Viewpoints Pension, Medical Care and Welfare toward the 2lst Century
Yasuo Takagi 105

Welfare Vision in the 2lst Century For an Ageing Society with Decreasing Numbers of Children
Council on Welfare Vision for Ageing Society 115

Self-Initiated Recommendations
Council on Health Insurance 121

Opinions Given on the Reform of National Pension and Employees' Pension
Pension Council 129

No. 5 March 1996


Needs Measurement and Estimation of the Amount of Health and Welfare Services Required for the Frail Elderly
Koichi Hiraoka, Yutaka Shimizu,
Ikuko Nakano, Takiko Okamoto,
Yuji Izumo, Yomei Nakatani, and Junko Wake 1

Redistribution Effects of the Japanese Public Pension System
Noriyoshi Oguchi Yoko Kimura and Tatsuo Hatta 25

Economic Analysis of the Nonprofit Sector
Naosumi Atoda, Naoto Yamauchi,
Takayoshi Amenomori Mio Ohta and Takeshi Yamada 53

The Administrative Management Methods in Medical Policy since 1975 in Japan
Yukiko Fujita 73

Economic Analysis of the Bequeathing Behavior of the Elderly Households in Japan
Kohei Komamura 97

No. 6 1997


The Convergence of Social Insurance and Social Welfare (Public Assistance) : A Study of Uncertainties, Insurance Theories, and Aging
Yoshinori Hiroi 1

Birth Trends, Survival Improvements, and Aging
Kenji Otani 17

The Effects of Income Tax and Social Security on the Part-time Labor Supply in Japan
Yukiko Abe and Fumio Ohtake 45

A Comparison of the Rates of Return Offered by the National Pension Fund, Post Office Pensions, and Personal Pension Plans of Life Insurance
Eiji Tajika and Fumiko Hayashi 65

The Impact of Technology Diffusion on Health Expenditures in Japan : Analysis of Diagnostic Tests, Imaging, and Drugs
Naoki Ikegami 87

An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Technological Progress and Japan's Medical Care Cost Containment Policy
Ryu Niki 109

The Mechanism for Revising the Fee Schedule in Japan - Factors Affecting Medical Expenditures : The Determinants of Fee Schedule Revision and Health Care Policies -
Mariko Nishimura 129

No. 7 1998


Social Security and Moral Principles
Yuichi Shionoya 1

The Supply of Manpower for Care Services from the Viewpoint of Care Insurance
Eiko Shinotsuka 15

The Employment Policy for Aged Workers and the Financing of Unemployment Insurance
Yoshihiro Kaneko 45

The Second Welfare Policy Seminar: Below-Replacement Fertility and Family Policies

Parenthood and Family Life in the United Kingdom
Kathleen E. Kiernan 63

Below-Replacement Fertility in the European Union (EU-15): Facts and Policies, 1960-1997
Jean-Claude Chesnais 83

The Declining Birthrate: Whose Problem?
Chizuko Ueno 103

The Economic Factors for theDeclining Birthrate
Naohiro Yashiro 129

No. 8 1999


Structural Reform and Social Security Law
Yoshimi Kikuchi 1

An Empirical Study of the Physician-Induced Demand Hypothesis -The Cost Function Approach to Medical Expenditure of the Elderly in Japan-
Nobuyuki Izumida, Hiroo Urushi and Satoshi Nakanishi 11

The Public Pension and the Labor Supply of Older Women in Japan
Nobuko Nagase 27

The Cost Sharing of Child and Family Care Leave
Katsura Maruyama 49

Population Projections for Japan: Methods, Assumptions and Results
Shigesato Takahashi, Ryuichi Kaneko, Akira Ishikawa, Masako Ikenoue and Fusami Mita 75

The Third Welfare Policy Seminar: Economics and Ethics of the Welfare State

Welfare Economics and the Welfare State
Kotaro Suzumura 117

The Public Economics of Redistribution and the Welfare State
Agnar Sandmo 139

No. 9 2000


The Welfare State, the Middle Class, and the Welfare Society
Masayuki Fujimura 1

The Effect of Household Structure on the Employment Behavior of Elderly Male Workers
Hiroshi Ogawa 25

Womenfs Increased Higher Education and the Declining Fertility Rate in Japan
Sawako Shirahase 47

Household Projections for Japan, 1995]2020: Methods and Results
Hachiro Nishioka, Toru Suzuki, Yasuyo Koyama, Chizuko Yamamoto, and Katsuhisa Kojima 65

Population Issues in the Netherlands
Gijs Beets and Nico van Nimwegen 87

The Fourth Welfare Policy Seminar: Families in the New Century

Recent Trends in Fertility and Household Formation in the Industrialized World
R. Lesthaeghe and G. Moors 121

Family Relationships in Australia: The Conservative-Liberal-Radical Debate
Peter McDonald 171

Gender, Employment, and Housework in Japan, South Korea, and the United States
Noriko O. Tsuya, Larry L. Bumpass, and Minja Kim Choe 195

Parent-Adult Child Relationships in Japan
Hachiro Nishioka 221

No. 10 2001


Very Low Fertility in Japan and Value Change Hypotheses
Makoto Atoh 1

Leaving the Parental Household in Contemporary Japan
Toru Suzuki 23

Japanese Social Security for the Elderly from a Viewpoint of Life Cycles
Masanobu Masuda and Katsuhisa Kojima 37

The Factors of Income Inequality and the Coordination between Income Distribution Policy and Social Security
Yoshihiro Kaneko 55

The Economic Situation and Income Inequality among the Older People in Japan: Measurement by Quasi Public Assistance Standard
Atsuhiro Yamada 81

Public-Private Interactions: Mandatory Pensions in Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland
Martin Rein and John Turner 107

Two Responses to the Failings of Modern Economics: the Instrumentalist and the Realist
Tony Lawson 155

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