Journal of Population Problems


Vol.78 No.3 (No.322) September 2022 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue I: The 26th IPSS Annual Seminar: Transnational Labor Market and Japan
339-347 Purpose of the Seminar [Japanese] KOREKAWA Yu *
348-354 [Speech 1]Canadian Agriculture and Temporary Migrant Workers - A Case for the Transnational Labour Markets [Japanese] SATO Shinobu *
355-362 [Speech 2]Normative Controversies over Temporary Labor Migration [Japanese] MIYAI Takeshi *
363-369 [Speech 3]Labour Migration Challenges and Policy Responses in Asia during the COVID-19 Pandemic [Japanese] Nilim BARUAH *
370-377 [Speech 4]Migration of Highly-Skilled Professionals in Asia and Japan: Focusing on the Prospects of Markets for New Graduates [Japanese] SHIBASAKI Yohei *
378-385 [Speech 5]Implications from the Survey of Labor-Sending Countries in Asia [Japanese] KATO Makoto *
386-398 Panel Discussion [Japanese] * *
Special Issue II: Research on Popilation Analysis, Future Projections, and its Application Corresponding to New Trends in Declining Birthrates and Aging from an International and Regional Perspective (Part4)
399-418 Premarital Sex in Postwar Japan: How has the Sexual Behavior of Never-married People Changed? [Japanese] NAKAMURA Mariko PDF
419-430 Regional Distribution of Foreign Population in Recent Years [Japanese] KOIKE Shiro *
431-438 Fertility Rates and Related Indices for Selected UN Countries: 1950-2020 [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi and SASAI Tsukasa *
439-448 Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year [Japanese] BEPPU Motomi *
Book Review
449-450 Kevin Guyan, Queer Data: Using Gender, Sex and Sexuality Data for Action [Japanese] KAMANO Saori *

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