Journal of Population Problems


Vol.73 No.2 (No.301) June 2017 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Studies on the National Survey on Family in Japan, 2013 (Part III)
83-96 Examination of the Pension Policy Reform Bill using the 5th National Family Survey of Japan [Japanese] YAMAMOTO, Katsuya PDF
97-116 Trends and Changes in Participation by Husbands in Housework and Childcare in Japan [Japanese] NISHIOKA, Hachiro and YAMAUCHI, Masakazu PDF
117-137 The Effects of Conjugal Bereavement on Living Conditions and Health Status of Elderly Women: Preliminary Analysis [Japanese] ANDO, Michihito PDF
138-144 Projection of Living Arrangements of Elderly People by Prefecture [Japanese] SUZUKI, Toru
KOYAMA, Yasuyo
and SUGA, Keita
Book Review
145 K.W. Wachter ,
"Essential Demographic Methods"[Japanese]
ISHII, Futoshi *

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