Journal of Population Problems


Vol.66 No.2 (No.273) June 2010 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: The Studies on the Population Projections: Part-V
1-25 On the Mechanism of the Recent Fertility Upturn in Japan: Application of Fertility Projection Model to Period Effect Analysis[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO PDF
26-47 On the Spatio-Temporal Population Change in Tokyo Metropolitan Area -A Population Dynamics Analysis Utilizing the Area Mesh Data- [Japanese] Shiro KOIKE PDF
48-75 The Fourth National Survey on Family in Japan 2008[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA,
Masakazu YAMAUCHI,
Yasuyo KOYAMA,
Yoshimi CHITOSE,
Keita SUGA,
Atsushi HOSHI
Special Contribution
76-80 Review and Future Directions of gKURODA-POPULATION STUDIESh[Japanese] Hiroaki SHIMIZU *
Book Review
81 Jinkogaku Kenkyukai (ed.) gGendai Jinko Jitenh [Japanese] Minato NAKAZAWA *
Miscellaneous News

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