Journal of Population Problems


Vol.60 No.1 (No.249) March 2004 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Twelfth Japanese National Fertility Survey, 2002 (Part I)
1-3 Introduction[Japanese] Shigesato TAKAHASHI *
4-35 Measuring Couplesf Fertility in Process of the New Transition in Japan: Effects of Marriage Delay, Educational Upgrading, and Couplef Behavioral Changes [Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO PDF
36-49 Fertility Decline among Married Couples and Its Context in Contemporary Japan [Japanese] Tsukasa SASAI PDF
50-69 Wifefs Work Arrangement and Reproductive Behavior over 30 Years[Japanese] Miho IWASAWA PDF
Book Reviews
70-70 Diane J. Macunovich, gBirth Quake: The Baby Boom and Its Aftershockh[Japanese] Toshihiko HARA *
71-71 Mainichi Shinbunsha Jinkomondai Chosakai (ed), hShoshi-Korei Shakai no Mirai-gakuh[Japanese] Rie MORIIZUMI *
Miscellaneous News

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