Journal of Population Problems


@Vol.55 No.2 (No.230) June 1999 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
Special Issue: Studies on the 11th National Fertility Survey in Japan (II)
1-18 Work and Childbearing Choice of Married Women in Japan: the Effect of Labor Practices[Japanese] Nobuko NAGASE PDF
19-38 The Transformation of Partnerships among Japanese Women in the 1990s: Increased Reluctance towards Traditional Marriages and the Prevalence of Non-Cohabiting Couples[Japanese] Miho IWASAWA PDF
39-58 The Postponement of Marriage in Japan and the gSingle Lifestyleh[Japanese] Akiko IWAMA PDF
59-71 Environmental Determinants of Health in the Middle East[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA *
72-81 Age-Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Years[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA,
82-87 Age-Specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Selected Countries: Latest Available Year[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
Book Reviews
88-88 Paul Boyle, Keith Halfacree and Vaughan Robinson, "Exploring Contemporary Migration"[Japanese] Satoshi NAKAGAWA *
89-89 Yoichi Okazaki, "Jinko-Tokeigaku"[Japanese] Ryuichi KOMATSU *
Miscellaneous News

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