Journal of Population Problems


Vol.51 No.2 (No.215) July 1995 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
1-19 Trend Analysis for Interprefectural Migration in Japan 1954-1993 [Japanese] Hisashi INABA,
Fusami MITA
20-33 On Determinants of Marriage Delay in Japanese Female Cohorts: Decomposition of Increase in Mean Age at First Marriage by Segment of the Process[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO *
Research Materials
34-40 Fertility in Japan : 1993[Japanese] Katsuhisa KOJIMA,
41-56 Nuptiality and Divorce in Japan : 1993[Japanese] Chizuko YAMAMOTO,
Katsuhisa KOJIMA
57-81 Selected Demographic Indicators from the World Population Prospects, the 1994 Revision : Prepared by the United Nations[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA,
Tsukasa SASAI
Book Reviews
82-82 Jean-Claude Chesnais, "La crepuscule de IfOccident: Demographic et politique"[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA *
83-83 Yoshitaka Ishikawa, "Jinko Ido no Keiryo-chiri-gaku"[Japanese] Satoshi NAKAGAWA *
Miscellaneous News

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