Journal of Population Problems


Vol.50 No.3 (No.212) October 1994 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
1-17 The Global Significance of the Cairo Conference -The New Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development-[Japanese] Makoto ATOH htm
18-32 The Views for Marriage among Unmarried Youths in Contemporary Japan[Japanese] Eiko NAKANO,
Yoshikazu WATANABE
31-41 An Application of Spectral Analytic Method (MEM) to the Time Series of Frequency of the Deaths by Cause-of-death: In Case of Total Death[Japanese] Tamotsu OOBA *
42-53 How to Survey Household Change[Japanese] Kiyosi HIROSIMA *
54-66 Household Projections by Prefectures of Japan : 1920-2010[Japanese] Katsuhisa KOJIMA,
Moriyuki OE
Research Material
67-73 A Literature Review on the Interrelationship between Population and Global Environment[Japanese] Hiroyuki IMAI *
Book Reviews
74-74 Daniel Noin and Robert Woods (eds.), "The Changing Population of Europe"[Japanese] Satoshi NAKAGAWA *
75-75 World Resources Institute, "World Resources 1994-95"[Japanese] Hiroyuki IMAI *
76-84 Population Reproduction Rates for All Japan: 1992[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
Miscellaneous News

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