Journal of Population Problems


@Vol.49 No.4 (No.209) January 1994 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
1-22 The Method for Projecting Households by Family Type in Terms of Headship Cohort Change -Part 2. Projecting Marital Status and Headship Rates by Family Type in Household Formation Stage-[Japanese] Moriyuki OE htm
23-33 Estimation of the Number of HIV Infecteds in the Early Stage of Epidemic and Control Strategy[Japanese] Hisashi INABA *
Research Materials
34-42 Natural Increase and Net Migration in the Population Projections by Prefecture: 1990-2010[Japanese] Kiyosi HIROSIMA,
Fusami MITA
43-56 The Effects of Family Policy in France[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA *
57-70 Abridged Working Life Tables for the Japanese Men and Women: 1990[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
Book Reviews
71-71 L. A. Gavrilov and N. S. Gavrilova, "The Biology of Life Span: A Quantitative Approach"[Japanese] Ryuichi KANEKO *
72-72 OECD, "Urban Policies for Ageing Populations"[Japanese] Moriyuki OE *
73-80 Population Reproduction Rates for All Japan: 1992[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA *
81-85 Life Expectancies, Numbers of Survivors and Age-standardized Death Rates of Selected Causes for Selected Countries Latest Available Years[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
Miscellaneous News

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