Journal of Population Problems


Vol.49 No.2 (No.207) July 1993 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
1-13 The Sistersf Riddle in Age-Parity-Structured Stable Population[Japanese] Toru SUZUKI htm
14-32 The Concepts of Integration Regarding Immigrants[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA htm
33-52 Evaluation of the Characteristics of Simulation Model for Migrations and Dispersals of Prehistoric Human Populations[Japanese] Tamotsu OOBA htm
Research Material
53-60 The Second Session of the Preparatery Committee for the International Conference on Population and Development, gCairo Conference in 1994h[Japanese] Makoto ATOH *
Book Reviews
61-61 W. Penn Handwerker (ed.), "Births and Power: Social Change and the Politics of Reproduction"[Japanese] Yoshiaki SAITSU *
62-62 W. Keith Bryant, "The Economic Organization of the Household"[Japanese] Katsuhisa KOJIMA *
63-74 Age Structure of Population for Selected Countries: Latest Available Years[Japanese] Akira ISHIKAWA,
75-83 Age-specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Selected Countries Latest Available Years[Japanese] Rieko BANDO,
Miscellaneous News

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