Journal of Population Problems


Vol.48 No.2 (No.203) July 1992 back numbers

Page Title Author English Abstract
1-14 Demographic Life Courses of Women in Japan: A Reappraisal[Japanese] Yoshikazu WATANABE htm
15-21 An Application of Spectrum Analysis to Time Series Data of Frequencies of Death[Japanese] Tamotsu OOBA *
Research Materials
22-27 A Summary Report of the Second Meeting of the Population Committee[Japanese] Shigemi KONO *
28-39 International Migrants and Fertility in Developed Countries[Japanese] Hiroshi KOJIMA *
40-53 Long-range World Population Projections: Two Centuries of Population Growth, 1950-2150, Prepared by the United Nations in 1992[Japanese] Yoshiaki SAITSU *
Book Reviews
54-54 Population Census Office, State Statistical Bureau, Peoplefs Republic of China, "10 Percent Sampling Tabulation on the 1990 Population Census of the Peoplefs Republic of China"[Japanese] Keiko WAKABAYASHI *
55-55 L. A. de Lomnitz, "Como Sobreviven Los Mariginados", 1991[Japanese] Hachiro NISHIOKA *
56-62 Age-specific Fertility Rates and Total Fertility Rates for Selected Countries: Latest Available Years[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
63-70 Life Expectancies, Numbers of Survivors and Age-standardized Death Rates of Selected Causes for Selected Countries: Latest Available Years[Japanese] Rieko BANDO *
Miscellaneous News

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